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Sellotape this post over your calendar because it’s…

Kenicky’s Official List of Films to be Excited About: Another Earth Plot: Another planet Earth appears in the sky. The main character is driving a car when she sticks her head out of the window to have a look, then … Continue reading

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Film Reviews 18: “Your Highness”, “Limitless”, “The Terminator”, “Sucker Punch” and 20 others…

This month: “The Adjustment Bureau”, “Beastly”, “Beautiful Lies”, “Cedar Rapids”, “Cry Wolf”, “The Grudge 2”, “Hall Pass”, “happythankyoumoreplease”, “Immaturi”, “Insidious”, “Julia & Julia”, “Limitless”, “May” (pictured above), “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek”, “Out of Sight”, “Paris, Texas”, “Sucker Punch”, “Sunshine”, … Continue reading

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I gave up on my modern adaptation of Oedipus Rex, but I am now halfway through writing a sci-fi screenplay. It’s called If You Don’t Know Amy By Now. It’s heavily influenced by  this Do the Right Thing tribute:

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