About me

Nick Chen.
Based on a book.
Composer of happy birthday song.
Buzz word.
Why pencils have razors.
English Lit graduate from Warwick.
Never eaten a burger.
Cardiff Journalism School grad.
Lesser-known Olsen brother.
Pictured on the left.
99% inspiration.
1% sweeping statements.
Pullovered apart by clothes horses.

I have written for publications including Total Film, Sight & Sound, Dazed and Confused, Complex, London Calling, Little White Lies, SomeSuch Stories, The Big Issue, Notes From the Underground, Reeling the Real, Noisey Music, Grolsch Film Works, StrategyEye Digital Media, The Warwick Review, SFX Magazine, Music is Art, Harrow Observer, VICE UK, Men’s Health and this very blog you’re reading right now.

To get in touch, please email kenickychen [AT] gmail.com.